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When it comes to professional Korean skincare, A•TRUE shines brightest. Each and every one of our products goes under rigorous research and development. Our expert team of world-renowned scientists come together to formulate you beauty products which are not only safe and comfortable to use, but environmentally friendly taking into account animal testing.

Korean skincare

Korea is known to provide the best beauty care products in the world. At A•TRUE, we are the best Korean skincare within Korea.

  • Cleansers: We have two main cleansing oils and gels available to you through our online store. The Pure Balancing Cleansing Oil and the Pure Balancing Cleansing Gel. Both are construed with the idea of helping you remove make-up without irritating the skin. They never leave your skin feeling tight, pulled, or parched.
  • Toners: The Korean skincare toners we have are some of the best skincare solutions you can get your hands on. There are three main products available; the Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Toner, the Violet Petal Black Tea Hydrating Toner, and the Verbana Mint Black Tea Clarifying Toner. When applied, each will smoothly absorb into the skin leaving it fresh and clean.
  • Anti-aging: Aging is a ruthless fact of life, and with it comes wrinkles and that dry dreaded look. Our two main products, the Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Essence and the Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-Wrinkle Cream act together to combat those first signs of ageing.

Select the finest beauty products

Korean skincare is what we do best here at A•TRUE. Our cosmetics are generated for you from the get-go. We are environmentally conscious in our decisions to provide you with products which are safe, comfortable, and result proven. Come online to our store and choose from all that we have to offer today!

  • Himalaya Black Tea Moist Deep Cream
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    Smooth and Soft Whip Cream textures quickly absorb and complete the empty spots of the dermis and epidermis. This helps immediately revitalize and present a radiant skin tone.

  • Real Black Tea True Active Mask
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    Our 100% bio-cellulose is cultivated from acetobacter xylinum bacteria yielding fermented fibers from natural sources. The nano-sized fibers closely conform to your face with superior moisture retention abilities.

  • Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Cream
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    Moisturizing Complex and Hydrating Factors help in maintaining natural skin moisture to balance and reduce the first signs of ageing.

  • Real Black Tea True Active Essence
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    A bottle of naturally double fermented True Active Essence acts by filling every single layer of the dermis and epidermis to improve the natural vital power, restoring the skin's original rhythm.

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